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New Scientist covers the latest developments in science and technology that will impact your world. New Scientist employs and commissions the best writers in their fields from all over the world. Our editorial team provide cutting-edge news, award-winning features and reports, written in concise and clear language that puts discoveries and advances in the context of everyday life today and in the future.
UpfrontThere are five times more urban foxes in England than we thought
Australia bans non-prescription codeine to fight opioid crisis
Amazon resists warrants for Echo data in Arkansas murder case
Largest lake in southern Europe threatened by “new eco-resort”
‘Psychedelic sanctuary' will help drug users get over bad trips
Sustainable tuna fishing is bad for climate – here's why
China pledges to shut ivory trade down by end of 2017
60 SecondsIn BriefBaby turtles leave behind fleeting oases on beach dune deserts
Your walk could be a password that connects devices on your body
Ants craft tiny sponges to dip into honey and carry it home
Becoming a mother may change the brain to read baby's mind
Invasive parakeets muscle in on native bird's nests in Israel
Tiny nanoelectrodes record brain's activity without damaging it
Selfish black holes may be killing host galaxies by stealing gas
Nanocrystal night-vision specs will let you see in infraredAnalysisA cure for ageing is near but you probably can't afford it
Canadians are angry about their national bird, but they're wrong
If your smartphone is keeping you up at night, give it a rest
How to make even your toughest new year's resolutions stick
ApertureHeadlight beetle's glowing path caught in time-lapse photo
Antigravity: Discovering if antimatter falls upwards
Grow with the flow: How electricity kicks life into shape
Give your car a conscience: Why driverless cars need moralsPeopleMy year on Mars: frontier life of a spac

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